Name: Ariane Age:16. Country: Spain. Angelina Jolie lover. Amy Lee. contador de visitas

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1: where are you from?
2: how old are you?
3: when is your birthday?
4: what is your favorite music genre?
5: religious?
6: do you believe in ghosts?
7: would you want to be immortal?
8: favorite book?
9: favorite song?
10: favorite band/singer?
11: sexual preference?
12: virgin? If not, how old were you when you had sex for the first time?
13: do you drink, if yes, tell me what?
14: do you smoke?
15: ever did drugs?
16: ever visit a festival?
17: do you have pets? tell me about them!
18: how many countries have you been to?
19: do you speak another language besides english? If yes, write a sentence in that language!
20: vegan, vegetarian or meat eater?
21: be creative! write a short story about something that comes into your mind!
22: put your iPod on shuffle and tell me the first 10 songs
23: grab the nearest book and give me the last sentence of page 124
24: tell me about your crush
25: any weird habits?
26: ever been rude to a teacher?
27: ever talked to yourself?
28: extrovert or introvert?
29: the most embarrassing moment in your life?
30: what keeps you going?
31: ever thought about suicide?
32: do you suffer from a mental illness?
33: I'm bored, tell me something funny that happened to you!
34: your 5 favorite blogs
35: 10 facts about yourself
36: 3 things you like about yourself
37: 3 things you hate about yourself
38: biggest turn on?
29: biggest turn off?
30: when did you join tumblr?
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